TO RESTAURANT OWNERS: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Francis Isberto
3 min readApr 3, 2020


The Restaurant Industry is Dying!

Rapid shutdowns from different cities to stem the “Coronavirus” have thrown restaurants across every country into sudden and complete disarray.
Revenue dried up abruptly, workers faced mass layoffs, and restaurant executives tried to manage the resulting chaos.

Today, the new norm is we see empty seats in every restaurant because people are afraid that they might get infected. Either that or they are simply not allowed to go out.
Nevertheless, the results are still the same. It’s Devastating!
Restaurant owners are clinging to their last breath finding ways to grasp oxygen to their doomed business.

This “Virus Crisis” has happened so rapidly that we never got the chance to brace for this new sad reality.
It’s not just independent restaurants; big chains like McDonald’s and Starbucks have also dragged their heels on closing completely.

But we humans are used to adapting even during the time of uncertainties. It is in our DNA to survive.

The Coronavirus crisis is an evolving situation, and restaurant owners have no choice but to alter their response to this dreaded disease accordingly. It’s simply a choice of life and death.
So for now, Resto Owners have to keep their heads above water. At the time being, Resto Managers have to settle with Takeout and Delivery only.

These what we call “Contactless” delivery options are the “New form of Oxygen” for the restaurant owners. It’s their only way to reach out to their customers.
They may lose some money, maybe cut some labor force, or even just hardly make break-even.
The important part is that they are still alive and certainly won’t allow themselves to fold out in the cold.

So if you’re a restaurant struggling to get your head around setting up delivery menus — Don’t worry! But instead, be Happy! Help is on the way!
If you don’t have a horde of laborers to do the deliveries to your precious customers.
You can get the services of Online Food Delivery Services such as Deliveroo, UberEATS, Grubhub, Just Eat, Foodpanda, etc.
You can easily handle the full move across these delivery platforms including optimized menu descriptions and imagery.

Sounds good right? But wait, does your Resto have an “App” or Mobile Application to cater to these needs?
If you don’t then you are Dead no matter how you look at it.

You may hire the services of Web Developers and Software Engineers to build you an App for your struggling business.
I myself is an aspiring Full Stack Developer. I can easily whip up your requested Mobile App in React-Native (using Web Dev terms).
Just give me a few weeks to build a Backend, Auth, find a component library, a router, and to figure out how to connect everything to Redux-Saga and we’re good to go.
That is if you are willing to wait.

But I don’t advise you to go to hired Web Developers… you know why? Because it takes Time.
Time that you don’t have at this moment.
What you need is something urgent. Something that will stop the bleeding. Something that can save you ass right now!

Ben Tossell of can help you set up an App in a matter of hours.
They focus on tools that help you build things, without the need for code. These programs will be real-life projects that can be “Live” straight away.
Your Real-Time App in a jiffy.

The introduction of the “No-Code” system will be beneficial for entrepreneurs and restaurant owners like you, who are in dire need of revenue and profit to cope up with the losses.

For proof and to illustrate, feel free to go to Ben’s sample site:

The sample app has:
=> Menu & Online ordering
=> Gift Card System
=> Completely Customizable for your exact business needs

Because of this, all your loyal customers have to do is click on the menu that they want to order, verify their shopping cart list before paying,
and Voilà… Food right there on their doorstep.

Not only it has helped your customers appease their hunger and mitigate their solitary anxiety, but more importantly… it has saved you and your beloved restaurant business.

P.S. = For further info about this No Code App, you may reach Ben through his email…

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