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Francis Isberto
4 min readOct 19, 2020

Binaryx is a platform that trades large scope of financial assets and cryptocurrencies.
Their main goal is to build an entire ecosystem for users to trade, learn, and monetize their skills in cryptocurrency.
Founded by Oleg Kurchenko, who has been working in the cryptocurrencies space for over 6 years. This company was established March 3, 2019. They are now in Open BETA stage.


1.) A Free Academy for Newbies
=> Finally, we found a medium where newbies can learn in-depth cryptocurrency domain and trading strategies.
All courses are free to use and have been created by professional traders.

2.) User-Friendly Trading Terminal
=> Scalable trading terminal interface to make it comfortable to work for novice and pro users.
UI of the Binaryx was developed in close cooperation with the pro-traders using the most innovative design approach.

3.) White Label for your crypto trading biz
=> The company offers white labeling of the trading module, wallet, and basic exchange, alongside access to liquidity, 24/7 troubleshooting, and support.
Their team also can assist you with legal questions, licenses, and more.


1.) Not much media activity
=> We understand that they are still new, but they should be aggressively active in exposing their business all over the cyber world.
When you go to Google Search, a certain shows up on page 1 which raises some concerns.

2.) Security
=> Most users are afraid and concerned in the crypto business because of their uncertainty of its security features.
Hacking of their accounts still remains a main issue.
This could be main asset if they ensure their users with enough data and proof to back it up.

3.) Scalability
=> We’ve seen a lot of crypto companies that come and go. What makes any different.
What is their constructive roadmap so that their platform can have a fighting chance to be a new big player among other Cryptocurrency companies?


1.) Spread Content
=> They should spread their news everywhere.
Not just blogs and social media. They must let the word out that there is a new player that is providing exquisite features for their users.
Let me tell you flat-out that they should be more active and aggressive against their competitors who have established themselves long before they have arrived.

2.) Established that Security
=> In PH, the founder Oleg Kurchenko mentioned that they are using cloud architecture with different data centers located worldwide.
They should justify to their clients that 10Guards company is a reliable partner that helps in terms of cybersecurity.
Informed the public that they use multiply cold wallets with different signatures., by the way, is a first-class ethical hacking team that protects businesses against cyber-attacks.

3.) Educate to Scale
=> The main problem is that a lot of people are afraid of investing in crypto.
Much worse, they are not even aware. That is why they should educate these peeps to scale their business upwards.
Gain traction by attracting students through their Free Academy.


We’ve seen successful startups originated from Ukraine.
Companies like ($110 million in investments) and (estimated at $1.1 billion).
Ukraine may not have too many world-renowned startups to boast, but more and more of them are sprouting year after year.
Oleg Kurchenko, founder of our subject for today is from Kyiv, Ukraine.

My point is a Startup success is not based on location. It’s about the product or service is what that matters.
People and consumers dig startup companies that make their lives more comfortable.
They are willing to sign-up if they know that it could solve the problems that they are bearing or might be encountering sometime in the future. may be a small-time player at the moment, but with the right approach and the little sprinkle of aggressiveness… this notable startup could rock this world.
They are coming up with intriguing features like ETF indexes where members can manage digital assets, increase yields, and minimize risks.
Business tokenization is also in the works. While Social Trading will be in play where anybody can find and hire professional traders who can manage their portfolio to maximize their cryptocurrency income.

Mr. Kurchenko also intends to sell a small percentage of their company in tokens.
His team is also currently looking for partners to scale Binaryx globally.

Honestly, I’m intrigued by their Binaryx Academy.
In truth, I will sign up and absorb their Free lessons.
Believe it or not… Crypto is here to stay. And it won’t be going anywhere.
I want to grab a piece of that pie. I suggest that you do it too.

Francis Isberto

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