Teach and you shall Receive

Francis Isberto
4 min readMay 4, 2020


We now live in desperate times. We have consummated most of our resources. And it is crunch time. We’re close to a matter of life and death.
Ever since the COVID-19 hit our streets, we were deprived of our freedom.
Our government said that they have it under control. They told us to just wait for the tide to come down and everything will go back to normal.
Well, it’s been months since we have gone out and be normal beings. It feels likes decades since we receive our last paycheck.
If our government won’t help us, we might as well help ourselves. Besides, we need to put food on our table. We do need to eat after all.

Almost everyone is shifting to the “New Norm”.
What was unpopular before became the most beloved and in demand in our society today… the WFH or “Work From Home” occupation.
People from different fields like lawyers, mechanical engineers, Business CEO, accountants, chef & restaurant owners, and even sports athlete are now finding new ways of making a living.
They rather do something than being stagnant.

So the “New Norm” of today is either people are Learning something or Teaching something. Rather than being idle at home, these bored professionals are now going online finding ways either to gain knowledge to find a new career or to show their expertise and being paid at it.

And for those who are having trouble finding the right source for learning or earning… I have great news for you. There is a platform for you that has both (learning & earning).
That platform is Plutwo.

Plutwo works both ways.
For those who want to learn, members can pick their teachers and their specific niche & topics. There are a variety of teachers and experts to choose from…
there is Women in Tech, VC at 47 Ventures, Data Engineer at Microsoft, Yoga 7 days mind & body challenge, Freelancing through Fiverr, a fully-funded exchange semester at US University, Fundraising for Startups, and so on and so forth.

And for those who want to earn, Plutwo allows experts and/or teachers to run/sell live streaming sessions, build an audience, and make money.
For example, if you charge a fee for a few dollars and get an audience of 50, you can easily earn $180 for just in an hour.
Not bad for a side-hustle gig isn’t it?

Every human being with skills & know-how is incentivized to do bite-sized online learning sessions at a global scale, build their following and directly monetize it.
The globe is yours so to speak. You can have students from every corner of the world inside your 16" Macbook Pro monitor screen.

Plutwo views individuality as a feature and allows everyone to become an entrepreneur.
Heck, even an auto mechanic or a gardener can become an influence on this new platform.
This company never rest on their heels. In just 45 days since their launch, they have garnered 7000 learner signups. Over 500 experts are on the waiting list. Plus they have conducted sessions with participation from 18 different countries.
And they haven’t spread their wings yet.

The good thing about this site is it is a live online-streaming platform where local experts can give sessions and have “Meaningful Interactions” with their students.
By way of conducting hassle-free online classes, there is a possibility for event organizers to grab this opportunity and turn this into a goldmine.

Event Organizers, Event Managers, & Teachers can easily share content and deliver lectures live to the students using the presentation feature of Plutwo.
Several features like live chat, handout, polling, and reaction make the whole experience just like a real-life classroom. The only difference is students will be logging in wearing their pajamas.
With this, teachers can take real-time questions in the chat or through the microphone and make the session interactive by starting a poll to analyze the concepts of the class.

The platform also has built-in tools for organizers e.g a live panel discussion, an AMA session, a presentation setting, a fireside chat, etc.
A panel of teachers can answer the queries of students from the comfort of their homes so the knowledge is transferred effectively.
Instructors can also schedule a discussion for students to interact and share their opinions about a certain aspect of the class or course.
So you see, everything is in “Real-Time” where you get immediate results in a heartbeat.

Plutwo is a “Passion Economy Product”.
They understand that most people are in crisis so they make their courses affordable (price is normally less than $10).
They don’t just help people gain new skills and making a career out of it, they also help experts in different fields to share their knowledge and effectively monetize it through their platform.
So in the foreseeable future, we could see experts taking advantage of this new tool as a means of fully sustaining themselves.

As the world moves towards work from home and remote learning, Plutwo can become a “Savior” for individuals who want to share knowledge and make money from the comfort of their home.
It will be also a safe haven from learners who want to get access to high-quality content which is easily accessible and affordable.

The “New Norm” may not be as bad after all… especially when you have the dependable Plutwo around.



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