Subscription-based platforms are the Future

Francis Isberto
5 min readSep 3, 2020

Even if we live in an advanced age, there is one thing that we always look for… “CONTENT”. Regardless of our location, profession, race, gender, and area of interest… every day we crave stories that interest us.
Some listen to the news in order to be updated on what’s happening in their area. Some go through blogs and read articles that amuse them.
But whatever that is, all of us thirst for new information that is either educational or entertaining and is both beneficial in our lives.

The thing is, we also receive bad and false news out there every single day.
We normally see subpar to poor quality content on all free platforms may it be on social media, podcasts, videos, blogs, forums, etc.
Either we get little information or worse… false news on the subject.

But in every problem, there is a solution.
And so that is where Subscription-based platforms were born. We’ve seen the rise of paid platforms that provided “Value” to its subscribers.
Netflix gave quality HD movies and TV shows for a minimal fee.
Spotify bombarded their customers with access to millions of songs.
Amazon has Kindle Unlimited for all bookworms out there.
Patreon educates people from different artists and creators of different talent skills.
EA Play will enlighten games with live broadcast and community content.

The list goes on and on from podcasters, video creators, musicians, gaming creators, local businesses, and more.
There are also writers and journalists for those people who prefer to absorb content through written form.

In the Web Dev world, we too badly need quality content.
We need to be educated, we need to be informed, and we need to fortify our very own skills. Therefore we reach out to these “Subscription-based platforms” to fill our needs.
We pay a subscription to Web Dev educators and media creators to get that skill that we deeply seek.
Whether it’s front end or back end development. Database for modern apps or global cloud DB.
Or any other new frameworks that interest us.
The bottom line is that we pay.

Some of us prefer Premium Publications through their blogs and websites. While some rely on Paid Emails through a premium newsletter.
Customarily, it’s a fountain of knowledge for most of us.
Early-stage Startup Founders subscribe to software-based investor list programs.
Web Developer wannabes go enrolling on online Web Dev school and get hired normally within 6 months.
But whatever that is, no matter who we are, we always dig for substantial information for us and for our business.

Heck, even Twitter is on it too.
According to, Twitter is working on a new subscription platform that hints at the possible job listing. The mysterious new Twitter subscription team name it “Gryphon”.
Twitter is popularly known to generate the vast majority of its revenue through ad sales and data licensing currently… And a subscription service could potentially provide exclusive content in return for a monthly fee.
Intriguing isn’t it?

Twitter may also be considering a Twitch or Patreon style type of subscription, where you could subscribe to individual accounts in some way.

But mind you… we don’t need to be always on the receiving end.
What I am saying is we don’t have to pay and be the end user all the time.
We can also be the earners. Yes, you heard me right… we too can be content creators.

Whether you prefer a large audience at a low price or a small dedicated following at a premium fee, you have full control of the economics.
You can make a sustainable revenue with recurring subscriptions.
It will be a good supplementary income, especially now that we are still living in the Pandemic era where jobs are hard to come by.

Let’s just say that you are an expert at building and deploying React PWA (Progressive Web Apps). You then can use that skill of yours and have that published to a platform of your choosing.
It could be in written or video format. You can even do both.
What matters is that you will capture a “Niche” audience that is desperately looking for that particular piece of content.
If you’re making something interesting that people can’t find elsewhere, then you’re at a natural advantage in providing value.

And when you provide value, it is close to automatic that you will attract an audience (believe me, I’ve been there).
You don’t really need to be the “Jack of all Trades” trying to reach as many potential subscribers as possible. You can just focus on a specific group of people who appreciate what you do distinctively. That is more than enough. Enough to start a fire.

And when you get a bunch of loyal audiences, you may play around and see what fits their needs. Will you create an exclusive post just for members?
In that way, it won’t only inform your subscribers of their privileged that they are receiving from you, but it will also transform anonymous views into paying members.
Did you see what I am trying to point at?

And to make it more viable and worthwhile, you also have to build and strengthen relationships with your followers.
You will discover what is essential to them. You will also foster engagement.
This will make your business run consistently and smoothly year after year.

Again it’s Memberships and Subscriptions. It’s a sustainable and predictable revenue just for you.

In these crazy COVID times.. you can make a sustainable living as an independent content creator for the year 2020 (or even beyond).

Just look at some successful cases…
Through Paid Emails, Andrew Sullivan at The Dish pulled in over $1million/year from his premium newsletter.
While Ben Thompson’s Stratechery was making over $200,000. That was 5 years ago.

In the Premium Publications Arena, Modern news publishers like The The Information and The Correspondent both earn $millions in revenue each year directly from their members, who pay for real news that they can’t get elsewhere.

It’s really big money especially if you put your heart into it.

So to wrap up, Subscription-based platforms are not only the thing of the future.
It is today! It is now!
In fact, it has begun long long time before you read this article.

People are now benefiting from it.
Some pay subscriptions to absorb exclusive content for their own specific needs.
While some earn a living providing value to their followers and subscribers.

Subscription-based platforms are out there for the taking.
It’s readily available anytime you need it.
I guess the only question is… Will you be the one receiving or giving?

Francis Isberto

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