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Francis Isberto
5 min readJul 28, 2020


Most early-stage Startups need a great medium to help them generate leads faster.
And since they are still unknown, they have to find new leads consistently.
Whether their Startup targets B2C or B2B, their company has to reach and send their message to these people to let them know that they exist.

Email marketing, time and time again, has been a solid proof of success for gaining traction.
It’s direct, consistent, and it never fails.

Because regardless of what happens, people will always be reading their emails.
That’s the plain truth of it. Whether it’s for business or personal reasons, they go to their inbox and read through to it every day.

And since now that we know that email marketing is still a viable cause for our startup to thrive, we need a tool (or Software As A Service) that can help us advance.

For starters, we need an Email Finder. Just go ahead and pick one then get through with it.
With an email finder, it will save an abundant amount of time (not to mention money) for you and your precious company.
You don’t have to go through Google search to look for a specific email address. All you have to do is type the domain name in the search tool and… voila, you got yourself the entire company’s email list.
It is certainly a time saver and a staple to each and every startup.

Trust me, I need that too.
Whenever I want to email somebody from a specific company, I first need to search for their email address. And most of the time, I can’t get any from my basic search.
I need to dig deeper just to get one email which really is time-consuming. I want a Saas company that will do that specific job for me, thus giving me more time to concentrate on other more important things.

So I went to the lake and gone fishing. And when I go fishing, I am very meticulous and picky on the fish that I caught.
If I see a fish that is big but I feel that doesn’t fit my needs, I throw it back to the lake and go back on looking for a new one.

After an obscene amount of time of waiting for the right fish, I finally caught one.
I finally found the right fish for me. Excuse me guys for being metaphorical on this but I need to do it so you can feel it better.

The fish that I am referring to is… of course the email finder company.
And that company that caught my eye is no other than… Snov.io

Why Snov.io?

Honestly, you will be surprised by my answer.
My answer is this… I don’t know.

I don’t know yet actually, but it’s worth a try.

In truth, most email finder companies are all the same.
They are all selling the same shit and features. So it all boils down to one thing… their impeccable service.

Here’s what I want for my Email Finder company.

1.) First, I need an email finder that gets that job done.
When I need to get a list of emails from that company that I am searching at… I need to get it fast and complete.
I mean like BAM… when I click it, I get the list. That’s it.

2.) Secondly is their service. Now hear me out on this… this is the most important thing from a Saas company.
Their customer support must be exemplary, answering to each and every inquiry.
If possible, they should reply in minutes and not in days.

If I get all of these from an Email Finder, then they finally have me as a paying customer.

So now I am trying out Snov.io. I just signed up (their Free service first).

Right now, I am playing through with their platform and testing it if it will fill my business needs.
So far everything works fine.
I tried using their Domain Search tool and type in the domain name Moosend.com by clicking it, I was able to get 15 “Personal Contacts” which include the CEO, Head of Growth, CFO, Senior Software Developer, etc.

They also gave me a brief summary of the company’s profile and background which I think is cool and advantageous.

Having this CRM (Customer Relationship Management) makes me spend less time finding leads which bring me more on converting on them.
Just to be clear, all I need from Snov.io is to help me find emails while I browse a lead’s website.
So I get an automated lead generation tool at my disposal. This will save me on cost too, taking away the burden of hiring an expensive and inconsistent virtual assistant.

But mind you people, Snov.io has many things to offer.
I just mentioned what I need from them but they have more to give you.

Snov.io not only helps you with sales and lead generation. They too can help you with your PR goals by finding the right person to contact media outlets.
They can help you with your Funding Search. You can find and contact investors and VCs directly, automate sending of investor pitches and follow-ups to stay top-of-mind, and schedule meetings with a personalized drip campaign.

Snov.io also has Research Competitors where you can see the technologies behind your competitors and leads.
You can monitor your brand mentions to collect data essential to your growth and help your sales team present your product better.

In a nutshell, Snov.io can…

=> Get business Prospects and Email addresses
=> Verify emails individually and in Bulk
=> Send emails for Free
=> Design Drip campaigns visually
=> Identify Technologies on websites

So there you go. I signed up with Snov.io and will use this CRM tool for my business.
Feel free to try it at your expense. It might be of help.

If everything goes well, not only I’ll be upgrading my plan with Snov.io but I’ll be promoting them… for life!

Francis Isberto


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