How to save on churn cost?

Francis Isberto
4 min readOct 20, 2020

A Churn in a Startup business can really be a pain in the neck.
For those who are not aware, Churn or Churn rate is known as the amount of attrition or the percentage at which customers stop doing business with an entity.
We see a lot of unhappy Saas companies losing a chunk of service subscribers who discontinue their subscriptions. helps Saas companies and other upcoming Startups to improve user retention and activation by providing friendly user onboarding.
Usetiful is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) that was recently launched and found in PH.
For further reference about DAP, I’ll provide you this link that has a lighter touch of explaining to newbies.
The iPad Story


1.) User Friendly
=> Usetiful is simple enough for non-technical people but also robust enough to provide results with minimal effort.
They have what they call “Product Tours” that will guide their clients through the most relevant part of their application. Their guided tours and smart tips allow users to master any software application from day one.
In addition, their web editor is very user-friendly and there’s that possibility to preview tours in the browser extension.

2.) Pricing
=> They have a friendly price to go with their excellent service.
Probably because they are new and need to feel their way in against their rivals, but either way this will be beneficial to new users who want to try out their 14-day trial before committing.
If you are working for a startup, you have the option to get extra support and special discounts through their Startup Program plan.

3.) Customer Support
=> Usetiful has excellent support by chat directly in their application.
Aside from their contextual guidance and step by step procedure, their clients get good support when complications arise.
The company provides immediate solutions by making sure that your support ticket gets resolves in a jiffy.


1.) User Segmentation Options
=> The complex settings when configuring the single-page application can be a disaster.
Maybe, they might have missed this but they definitely need to improve on this by providing support to get all the configuration in place.

2.) Not much Content
=> I just checked on their blog (which is used through and noticed that there are not much stories in it.
It will be good if they provide or continue stories of their clients who have used their service.
Continuous update and communication with their existing clients such as Calendify, Clerbo, and Docsify is absolutely a must.

3.) No Affiliates… duh?
=> Most Startup companies (especially when they are starting out) make it a point to have an Affiliate program (or Referral) installed on their main site and most of their social media platforms.
In that way, they can easily scale up and get traction easily in a matter of months (not in years).


1.) Add more Guidelines and Instructions
=> Either through creating an exclusive page for this or have their Customer Support on stand by when a certain problem (like configuring the single-page application) arises.

2.) One Blog a day won’t hurt
=> Either they get multiple contributor writers or hire the service of a Content Creator…
the important thing is the company should be putting content regularly and consistently in order to get noticed.
One testimonial story from an existing client per week could help as well…
as it would show their readers and potential customers that week after week companies buy in to their service.

3.) Growth Hacking Time
=> This startup should give their attention to “Growing”.
Adding “Affiliates” is one way to go, but there are a lot more.
How about SEO, Link building, Podcast interviews, etc?
The list goes on and on, but they gotta move their feet… as in NOW!


Installing a Digital Adoption Platform is the next big thing, not only for this year but more in the future.
The coronavirus pandemic and the disruption it has unleashed have compelled startup founders to recognize its importance.
The truth is, all of us must pivot to the digital landscape and master its rules if we are to survive, let alone thrive, in the new normal.

Usetiful makes us human again.
The company main goal is to close the gap between users and digital systems.
With their excellent product tour software, they help to improve user onboarding, adoption, and rate of self-service for digital products.

They are fully committed to helping you achieve your goals by assisting you to convert your visitors into engaged customers.

From my perspective, Usetiful is not just going to be an integral part of your product, it can also be an integral part of your life.

Francis Isberto

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