How to make “Stories that Sell”

Francis Isberto
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Okay, so you finally finished your Startup product.
You are certain that what you built is exceptional…
You know that it will totally blow everybody’s mind…
Now what?

How would businesses and consumers know that you have this amazing product/service?
You could blog and engage in social media… sure, that will help.
But do you think that will be enough?
Will you believe by doing that, will it empower your business to thrive?

The best way to “Win” in this Startup heavily competitive world is to provide engaging content.
It is imperative that you need to create “Stories that Sell”.

Making stories is good, but telling stories that sell is bliss.
If you make stories that will lead to sales, then you and your Startup will be in a heavenly state.
You will be in paradise knowing that you finally reach your goal… making customers happy and surrounding yourself with your targeted money.

So how can you differentiate the difference between Stories and “Stories that Sell”?
Allow me to explain further…

Most businesses, when they create a blog or article… they assume that their readers will automatically “Like” what they’ve written.
But the fact of the matter is… it’s not. In reality, they hate it. They find it boring.
They are disgusted with it because it’s all gibberish nonsense like some pesky agent telling them that they should buy this and buy that because it is the best product in the world.
I mean.. come on! Even grade schools aren’t that dumb enough.

These businesses simply don’t get it. They don’t know how to resonate with other people’s feelings. What do they need? What are their problems and concerns? What are they looking for?

The general rule is this…
“We need to hear them first before we act”.

Let’s say that you are a SaaS company who are selling Email Verifier to businesses.
So before you shove your product right down their throat, you need to probe them these questions…

=> Are they using an existing Email Verifier service?
=> If they do, are they content with it?
=> Do you think your product or service is better than what they are using right now?
=> If your product is not that good, what can you do to improve it?

=> For those who don’t have an Email Verifier, what will be your leverage on knowing if a certain business needs your product?
=> Is your product limited to targeting early-stage startups? Or can your company also aim higher and make a sales call to medium and high-end enterprises?

=> How about pricing? Do you have a free tier? Or at least a Free Trial? Is your price reasonable?
=> How about customer support? Are you always there to answer all their concerns and inquiries?

Had enough? That is just the tip of the iceberg?
There is so much to discuss and exchange views on?

So in order to keep the ball rolling, we need to make stories that people can relate to their everyday lives.
One good way is showing an example of a particular subject that you helped in the past.
Testimonials are good, yeah, but people don’t buy that anymore. They believe that these testimonials are paid dummies and not worth the reading.
It is best to provide a “Real” case that your startup has helped.
Better if you can show a blow-by-blow story where you indicate how you specifically helped your subject in complete details.

Like, show them the “Before and After”.
What was the status of your subject before and demonstrate how does your subject is fairing now in the present.
Tell your readers how did your subject improved in their business by using your SaaS product and assisting them in verifying emails that will make their sales lead more accurate and precise. did that exactly. Here is the link… Snov Case Study

It is a case study on how was able to help a Startup named Quokka in reaching an 86% open rate using their email verifier and finder.
In just one week, Quokka was able to send 500 emails that led to 177 scheduled interviews. Wow!

This was according to Ross Nazarenko, founder of Quokka.
He quoted…
“As a startup, talking to people and being able to detect their problem means the world for us.
So the main problem we’ve always faced was how exactly can we keep our sales funnel full and contact a huge amount of potential leads for interviews?
That’s when we stumbled upon, which promised an easy solution to this problem.
To streamline the process, we combined’s Email Finder and Email Verifier with (LinkedIn) Sales Navigator and found the perfect recipe for scaling the lead generation process”

That’s it! Real people, real cases, and real proof of a certain company like who was able to lift a Startup like Quokka.

My only grumbling on this particular article of is it was too short.
I prefer it if they did this in “Long Format” (like at least 1,500 words minimum).
In the link that I provided above, you will feel that there is so much content that is left out there. People, especially the early-stage startups, always thirst for success stories like Quokka.
So if there is more content and details provided that will even lead to a sure and committed sale.

Nevertheless, did a good job of creating “Stories that Sell”.
They could be an example template in building your own “Stories that Sell”.

So are you getting the hang of it or do you want more?
You now know that long testimonial stories like Quokka are one way to do it, but there is quite a lot more… much much more.

However, for this piece of content, I won’t be able to disclose everything.
Perhaps on my succeeding blog. But I think you get the main point here.
The bottom line is.. it is not about you, it’s more about them.
Instead of writing “I” in your content, convert it to “We”, “Us”, “Them”, and even “You”.
Try doing those, and you will notice you will get some positive results over time.

Make it more interactive. Let them participate.
Don’t assume you know everything, better yet… allow them to shed some inputs in your blog’s comments section.

Telling Stories is great!
But it is much better if you make that story that will make people engage in buying.
Because that is we are all here for… aren’t we?

Francis Isberto

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