Enjoy the Good times, But Appreciate the Bad times

Saudi Arabia is now pulling out all OFW (Overseas Foreign Workers) at this moment. Saudi has given more importance to local employment, making all foreign workers (with exemplary skills) dispensable.
All Filipino must now go home. They are now all jobless.
One of them is Darwina. She is a Pharmacist who is expelled from work in Riyadh.
She just arrived in The Philippines unemployed and uncertain of her future.
She is now supposed to go home to her hometown in Zamboanga with her tail tucked between her legs (using dog terms). She feels defeated and ashamed.
But most of all, Darwina is devastated with the outcome.
She can’t believe all of her years of hard work and sacrifice have now gone into waste. She should fly back to Zamboanga, lick her wounds, take some time off with her family and loved ones, then after a few months or so, get her feet back on the ground and try her luck again.
After all, she needs it badly. Getting that well-deserved break and long rest.

But no, Darwina doesn’t wanna give in. She doesn’t want to give up.
I heard her discussing to my wife that she is now going to apply for a job in Toronto Canada. And what is more astonishing is hearing that she is going to work in a Call Center in Manila while waiting for her application to be approved.

Darwina’s decision, tenacity, and determination dazzled me.
I mean, applying for Canada is fine. But working in a Call Center at her age and with her commendable skills is even more stunning.
She has done what most of us can’t…. eating our very own “Pride”.

Because of her amazing character, I took the time to talk to her and help her as much as I could.
I told her why would she work in Call Center that has a basic salary of Php 25 thousand per month when she can get more working as a Bilingual agent.
Darwina is a Chavacana which makes her have the ability to speak in Spanish.
Having the ability to talk in Spanish will give her an extra Php 35,000- 40,000 a month in a Call Center.
The language premium and her basic salary can give Darwina Php 60,000–70,000 a month. Much better than her previous plan.

I told her that she can also do Health account in a Call Center. Or do Outbound sales which also gives her a higher yield.
But most important of all, I told her that she doesn’t have to eat her pride.
I convinced her that she is talented enough to get a decent job in Manila while waiting for her Green Light in Canada.
Darwina agreed and exactly did that.

Darwina is just one of the few persons who know how to “Enjoy the Good Times but Appreciate the Bad Times”.
Most people just look at the good times. And when dark times come, they will filter out and die.
That is the reason why most people are unsuccessful and unhappy in life.
They can’t bear facing Hard Times. Little did they know that there is no escaping from it.

All of us are living in a Roller Coaster ride so why bother.
Why worry about the uncertainty?
Have fun when you are on top but be ready for a fall.
And when you are down and out, this is the best time to improve yourself (no matter what that is).

Believe it or not, but I prefer the hard times more… you know why?
Because hard times will challenge you,
will make you think more,
you will learn to improvise and come up with a good plan,
will make you recognize your blessings,
will strengthen your character,
and most of all… it will define you.
And when you have gone past all of that, you will be like just Darwina… remarkably happy and contented in life.
And no matter what life will bring, you can withstand all of it.

Tough times are not only about financial. It also about relationships, health, death, and other personal issues.
But it is not about the subject matter, it’s how you get out of it. How you solved the problem and come out with solutions.

Good times are easy. Everybody can manage that anytime.
Bad times will separate you from the others.
This is the time where you will shine the most. This is the moment where it will bring out the best in you.
And this is the time where you can become extraordinary.

Albert Einstein once quoted that “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”. That the Pessimist sees Difficulty in every Opportunity, while the Optimist sees the Opportunity in every Difficulty.
So which one are you gonna be… the Pessimist or the Optimist?

If you have time, I advise you to go to any theme park.
Go to Disneyland, Universal Studios, Ocean Park, or Sea World.
You can try local like Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna or Star City in Manila.
Heck, you can even go to your local “Peryahan” in your barrio.
Once inside, ride the Roller Coaster.
Pay attention to the ride. Observe the tight turns, the steep slopes, and the inversions. Enjoy the view from above when you are top. Make the most of it.
And when you are down, keep an eye on your surroundings and ask yourself… “In what ways can I take pleasure from this dull moment while I am at this stage”.
“And while I am here, I might as well enjoy it”.
Celebrate it. Commemorate it. But don’t get stuck on it.

Because your Roller Coaster won’t be down the whole time.
Sooner or Later, your Roller Coaster will bring you all the way Up!



Author of Madapaca.com, Technical Writer, Devoted to Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi…

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