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Francis Isberto
6 min readNov 18, 2020

How to earn from your followers

Believe it or not, but each one of us has a following.
Maybe it is not as huge compared to most influential people in the Web Dev realm…
But we have some people who trust what we do, and in the process, they follow us.
It may be hard to believe but it is true. You can make something out of your small following.

Let me give you one example…
Let’s say you are a Python Developer who knows a little bit of cloud computing using Microsoft Azure.
Even if you are just a beginner (but determined), there are some newbies out there who want to learn your skills.
They could only be 5 people, but you can charge them $50 for 6 months until they hone their craft. That is $250 extra every month for you. Amazing, isn’t it?

Here’s another example…
What if you are a co-founder of a BaaS (Backend As A Service) startup.
Aside from scaling your startup, you can create a membership site where your focus is just on interested paying members who are in a group that you can call the “Startup Hatch”.
Your members will have exclusive access to one-on-one training about GraphQL API, REST API, different types of SDK including iOS, Android, Flutter, and .NET.
So if you charge a fee of let’s say $10 and you were able to get 50 members… then you will be earning $500 per month. That doesn’t even include your BaaS startup.
Very intriguing… yeah?

The beauty of this is that you don’t have to resign from your work. Or it will still give you ample time to participate with your startup company.
You can do all of these things and it won’t hurt you a bit.
In fact, it will be of help because you will be earning an extra $200, $500, or even $1,000 a month based on your small following.

And once, this small following of yours suddenly blossomed into something big… then you have the option to resign from work and just focus on your membership site where you can scale your net profit to $1million/year.
Just from your paid subscription, you can create a stable publishing business collecting recurring revenue from your audience every month or even every year.
It’s your call whether you prefer a large audience at a low price point or a small dedicated following at a premium fee… the choice is all yours.
It will totally depend on your preference. In other words, you control the economics of it.


You may think that a small niche has no way of entering the battlefield full of giant companies who have been in the arena for a long time.
You may find this ironic, but creating a small niche is the best way for you to compete amongst those giant companies.

Imagine a cake.
Do you think these giant companies would mind that you are scraping some icing from their precious cake? I’m sure they won’t.
That small icing from that particular cake will be more than enough for you. You got my point?

In this day and age, the niche business is no longer small.
Niche markets are way larger than the entire internet. Your niche membership site can become a surprisingly big business because only a few of you are concentrating on that niche of yours.

Through your membership site, you now have a sustainable, predictable revenue aligned with your followers. And this goes on and on because you build and maintain relationships (as long as you are able to provide good content of course).


And since you are overloaded with work, it is highly recommended that you use a CMS (Content Management System) service that will save you lots of time.
Why use a paid CMS?
It is obvious… you should be concentrating on things that bring food on your table like Web Dev work from the company that you are working or scaling up your Startup company to greater heights.
Therefore, you don’t have time to build your very own CMS site from scratch. Better if you use a dependable CMS service and go from there.
If it doesn’t work.. you can easily cancel the service. Count your losses and move on to other things. No big deal.

So what CMS service will you use? Will you use WordPress?
Hell no! You are way much better than that.


I suggest that you use
It is a CMS built for marketers. Unstack’s content marketing platform is designed to help you rapidly build, measure, and scale digital presence without code and headaches.

So what does Unstack offers to a busy person like you?

1.) Reliable A/B Testing
=> You can test your membership site and see what works. You can run A/B tests directly in their visual editor and may view marketing metrics and conversion paths.
So can easily check where does your members go to regularly whether is your landing page, blog page, or your community sponsor page.

2.) Acquire Leads
=> Unstack will help you generate new leads through their engaging contact forms.
Their turn-key forms and a contact database will help your site convert more traffic into qualified leads.
You can even sync your data with a 3rd party system in real-time thus recording custom events and actions.

3.) Rapid Page Loading
=> Unstack has its own Managed Hosting that is run through AWS servers.
That means there are no configs or shared hosting accounts. Everything is hosted and managed by the company.
So you can be assured that your subscribers won’t be frustrated by an outage or a case of slow loading.

4.) One-Click Marketing Integrations
=> You can easily grow your business faster by building the best possible tools for creating, publishing, and measuring the work you do online.
They have a growing list of integrations that work beautifully with your site.
You can use Rewardful for your site’s affiliate marketing program.
Or maybe Privy which will help you grow your email list and drive more MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) with email.
Here is the complete list of integrations for Unstack
Unstack Integrations

Those are just a few of the features that Unstack has for you.
If you are not contented with that, they also have a Podcast entitled “Zero to a Million” where the company founders Grant Deken and Zach Rego get to talk with founders, marketers, and advisors about strategies to scale a business from zero to a million.
These founders believe that building momentum from a cold start is one of the hardest things founders have to overcome.
But once you get the wheel spinning, it’s gonna be glorious.
“Keep going” is what their initial advice for those who want to create a membership site.


Again, this is optional. You are free to do whatever you want.
Continue with your job and scale your startup. It’s entirely up to you.
You hold the steering wheel and take control of your life.

But since you are at it… while not make use of your small following.
It won’t hurt to try, won’t it?
Building a membership site is the best gauge for you.

Just remember that every membership site needs a content management system with:

=> Built-in SEO tools
=> A lot of 3rd-party integration
=> Analytics generation
=> User management
=> Multiplatform Publishing

Managing a membership site is not as hard and labor-intensive as it used to be.
What used to take us days to pull together each month… Unstack is now doing in real-time, all the time.
They are running content, sponsorships, Adwords, Facebook, and email marketing as we speak. Pulling that together into one snapshot to understand what actually works and then optimizing it on the fly has completely changed how we run our membership site marketing.

Unstack is the #NoCode marketing platform to launch and scale Digital Businesses.
They will do all the “grind work” for you so that you can concentrate on growing your membership site.

This is the best time to turn your following into a real business.
It’s ideal for you to use memberships and subscriptions to develop a direct relationship with your audience and generate predictable, recurring revenue that not only will augment your income but will also create a personal brand that you will carry for the rest of your life.

Francis Isberto

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